District staff

Conservation Planning Department

Nicole Ahr

Conservation Specialist

Drew Donahue

Multi-County Riparian Technician

Scott Eden

Conservation Specialist

Jason Faucera

Conservation Initiatives Manager

Jenne Reische

Conservation Planning Manager

Matt Van Wey

Conservation Specialist

Nicole AhrConservation Specialist[email protected](503) 210-6003
Drew DonahueMulti-County Riparian Technician[email protected]503-210-6016
Scott EdenConservation Specialist[email protected](503) 210-6004
Jason FauceraConservation Initiatives Manager[email protected](503) 210-6013
Jenne ReischeConservation Planning Manager[email protected](503) 210-6011
Matt Van WeyConservation Specialist[email protected](503) 210-6009

WeedWise Department

Courtney Gattuso

WeedWise Specialist, CWMA Coordinator

Lindsey Karr

WeedWise Specialist

Sam Leininger

WeedWise Program Manager

Justin Cooley

WeedWise Specialist

Courtney GattusoWeedWise Specialist, CWMA Coordinator[email protected](503) 210-6015
Lindsey KarrWeedWise Specialist[email protected](503) 210-6018
Sam LeiningerWeedWise Program Manager[email protected](503) 210-6006
Justin CooleyWeedWise Specialist[email protected](503) 210-6010

Education and Outreach Department

Lisa Kilders

Outreach and Education Program Manager

Cathy McQueeney

Education and Outreach Specialist

Lisa KildersOutreach and Education Program Manager[email protected](503) 210-6002
Cathy McQueeneyEducation and Outreach Specialist[email protected](503) 210-6012

District Operations Department

Tami Guttridge

Office Manager

Clair Klock

Senior Resource Conservationist

Eann Rains

Conservation Investments Program Coordinator

Nathan Tucker

Fiscal Administrator

Chris Lapp

General Manager

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