Our success depends on developing and maintaining great relationships built on honesty and trust. As we work with you to develop and implement your conservation plan, you can expect to be treated with respect.

Our commitments

We promise:

  • To treat you with respect.
  • To be open, honest, and fair.
  • To respect your privacy.
  • To hear your concerns about your land and resources.
  • To identify solutions to your natural resource concerns.
  • To strive to work within the financial limits of your personal situation.
  • To help identify possible funding for the work that needs to be done.
  • To be responsive when you contact us.

Your commitments

We know not everyone is ready, willing, and able to proceed immediately with conserving the natural resources on their property.

We can give you the very best service possible when:

  • You are open and honest with us about your concerns.
  • You describe the conditions on your property and let us see it.
  • You invest time with our planners to develop a systematic approach that will work for you.
  • You let us know what level of financial commitment you may be able to make.

Contacts, customers, and clients

We talk to many people about conservation. Those contacts are investments in future conservation actions that benefit natural resources.

When you entrust us with your contact information, we consider you a customer. That doesn’t mean you are buying anything from us, just that you agree to let us contact you from time to time. It is a relationship that is important to us.

When you sign our cooperator agreement form, you become a client. Thank you for letting us help you meet your conservation goals!

Cooperator Agreement Form (DOC)
Cooperator Agreement Form (DOC)
Version: 07-2012
74 KB
Cooperator Agreement Form (PDF)
Cooperator Agreement Form (PDF)
Version: 07-2012
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