Residential Septic System Repair and Replacement Program

Welcome to the Residential Septic System Repair and Replacement Program!

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District offers Residential Septic System Repair Loans and Grants to homeowners in Clackamas County for the repair or replacement of failed and failing septic systems.

This page is about our no-interest Septic Loan Program, please click here for information on our Septic Repair Grant Program.

For more information, please contact Conservation Investments Coordinator, Heather Nielsen at 503-210-6000 or [email protected]

Septic System Repair Intake Form

Why a septic repair program?

Old septic systems that are wearing out or leaking become a public health and water quality concern, especially when the home is along a river or stream that serves as a source of public drinking water, such as the Clackamas and Molalla rivers. This program provides a valuable opportunity to support property owners and protect water quality and address public health concerns. We are ready to assist homeowners who do not have sufficient funds available to pay the cost of repairs.

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (“Conservation District”) and the Clackamas County Septic and Onsite Wastewater Program (“County”) are partnering on this issue. The Conservation District provides interest-free loans to District residents using loan proceeds provided to the District from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Beginning in spring 2023, the Conservation District will also begin to offer grants to income qualified residents. These grants will cover septic system repairs, as well as connection to existing municipal sewer lines for qualified residents. These grant funds are provided by DEQ through the Federal 2021 American Rescue Plan act.

Eligibility criteria

  • The septic system must be located within the boundary of Clackamas County.
  • It must be an existing residential septic system that requires repair or replacement. This program does not apply to new installations or upgrades to properly functioning septic systems.
  • The problem must require a repair permit from Clackamas County. It is not simply a plumbing or maintenance issue.
  • The loan may also be used to connect to an existing municipal sewer line in the street outside a property. Costs covered include the permitting, construction, and decommissioning of the septic tank. The loan does not cover extending sewer lines down the street, or the connection fees charged by the sewer districts, although many providers have a separate loan program.
  • The homeowner agrees to use one of the contractors on the Conservation District’s List of Pre-Qualified Septic System Contractors to perform the repairs.

    For Loans
  • All owners of the property must be willing to sign a Loan Application, Loan Agreement, and the lien document that is recorded on the title of the property to secure the loan until it has been repaid.
  • The homeowner agrees to repay the loan and to maintain the septic system following manufacturer’s or contractor’s recommendations.

    For Grants
  • All owners of the property must be willing to sign a grant application and provide information on their income. Grants are available on a first come first served basis. 
  • For additional information, please visit the Septic Repair Grants Program page.

Process for the Septic System Repair Program

  1. You, the homeowner, are aware that there is a problem with the septic system.
  2. You, the homeowner, contact the Conservation District about our repair programs. You will complete an application and we will determine if you qualify for a grant or a loan.
  3. The homeowner is responsible for selecting the contractor. For the repair to be paid for using Conservation District funds, the contractor you choose must be on the Conservation District’s List. The District is not a party to this contract and is not involved in the contracting process. Although we have screened the contractors on the list for minimum qualifications, we do not endorse or guarantee any contractor’s performance. Our only role is to provide financing. Do not authorize the contractor to begin any work until you have finished the agreement with the Conservation District.
  4. Once you are approved for a loan or a grant, permitting through Clackamas County may begin.
  5. After all the documents have been signed, you may authorize the contractor to begin work.
    The contractor will invoice the homeowner and/or the Conservation District for the work performed. The Conservation District will pay the contractor directly, up to the agreed upon amount. We may issue a down payment to the contractor before repair work begins and then pay the balance after the work is done and passes County inspection. Note: We will not release final payment to the contractor until we receive a copy of all required permit(s) and Clackamas County has inspected the project and issued a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.
  6. As the homeowner, you are responsible for properly maintaining the septic system. This may require an operation and maintenance contract with the installation contractor or with a service contractor, following manufacturer’s recommendations and DEQ requirements. 


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Clackamas County Septic and Onsite Wastewater Program
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Residential Septic System Repair Program: Contractor List

To be eligible for the repair program, the property owner must fill out an application. If the Conservation District agrees to make a loan or a grant, the property owner will be required to select a contractor listed here to do the necessary work.

All of these contractors are licensed by Oregon DEQ. Inclusion of a contractor on this list is not intended as an endorsement by Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District or a guarantee of any contractor’s performance.

Clackamas SWCD List of Pre-Qualified Septic System Contractors, July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2027


If you have questions about this program, please contact Conservation Investments Coordinator, Heather Nielsen at [email protected] or (503) 201-6000.


Program documents

Septic Loan Application 7 2024 (Fillable)
Septic Loan Application 7 2024 (Fillable)
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Septic Pre-Qualified Contractors 2024-2027
Septic Pre-Qualified Contractors 2024-2027
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Plumbing Pre-Qualified Contractors
Plumbing Pre-Qualified Contractors
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