Report weeds

If you think you’ve seen an invasive weed, please report it!

Report Weeds
File a new weed report

The easiest way to report invaders is to visit the Oregon Invasives Species Hotline website and click the Report Now button. Or, if in Clackamas County, contact WeedWise program staff.

Early detection is the key

To protect Oregon from invasive species, it is important to stop new outbreaks before they start.

By the time an invader is easily noticeable and begins to cause damage, it is often too late. It can be difficult and expensive to remove an established invader.

However, by detecting new outbreaks early and acting quickly to control them, we can avoid many of the environmental and economic losses caused by invasive species.

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We are regional and national leaders

Our WeedWise Program is widely recognized as a regional leader in addressing invasive weed issues.

Not sure it’s an invasive weed?

Visit the WeedWise Program website to learn more:


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