A farm or field

Is your precious soil washing away?

Drip irrigation

Do you see your precious topsoil washing away every rainy season or from heavy irrigation?

We have people who can help with irrigation improvements, saving time, energy, water and best of all…MONEY!

We can help you hold your soil, the basis of your operation! Our technical staff can help you with options to prevent or minimize erosion.

Check out our Video series for Erosion Control Practices.

Not getting the crop yield you expected?

Pollinator on Fleabane

Some crops depend on pollinators for the best yields. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, bats, and birds benefit from healthy habitat.

We can help you design and implement pollinator habitat that can improve your crop production. Pollinator habitat can be attractive while also providing a benefit to your business.

Read the Free Pollination Services report from the Native Pollinators in Agriculture Project to learn how pollinators may help increase your farm revenue.

Links to more information about pollinators:
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Do you have a mountain of manure?

Horse manure

Poorly managed manure can create an unhealthy environment for your horses, livestock, wildlife, and people. Excess manure and mud can make your chores not only unpleasant but also unsafe.

Contaminated water harms drinking water supplies for animals and people. It can impair recreation and destroy wildlife habitat. Water that does not soak into the ground (whether from rain, snowmelt, a hose, or leaking pipes) is called runoff. Water that runs off land also picks up contaminants like nutrients and pathogens from manure, transporting them to the nearest water resource (lake, pond, wetland, stream, or river). Steep slopes and slopes without sufficient plant cover, combined with proximity to surface waters, is a recipe for pollution of surface water. Proper manure management and runoff management will protect or improve water quality on your property, in your community, and in your watershed.

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