What we do

What do we do?

Working together

We work in cooperation with private landowners to conserve natural resources today and for future generations.

Who do we work with?

If you are a private landowner, you are our primary focus! Private landowners can use natural resources in ways that help conserve them for others, or in ways that deplete or harm these resources. Part of our mission is to help people become better stewards of the natural resources they manage.

We are not regulators

We do not have statutory authority to issue regulations or cite people. Soil and water conservation districts were formed to work with willing landowners to help conserve our renewable natural resources. This is what we mean when we say we work cooperatively with private landowners.

Our work benefits public resources

Unlike most governmental entities, we are charged with helping to conserve natural resources by working on public and private lands. Our conservation work primarily benefits public natural resources and may provide incidental benefits to participating landowners.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more. We will be happy to discuss your questions and needs.

Clackamas SWCD Equity Statement

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District is an organization founded on and driven by collaboration. Our relationships with valued and diverse communities and partners provide us with opportunities to practice equity and inclusion by listening to understand. We believe that a resilient ecosystem is only possible when people of all identities are included. It is critically important to our organization that the principles of inclusion and equity, which have not often been central to conservation work, be integrated into conservation at all levels.

We are committed to using our power and privilege as a historically white-led organization to do our part in creating a just, equitable, and inclusive conservation community.

We protect, conserve, and restore shared natural resources which belong to all people. We believe that strong environmental and cultural diversity is integral to the health of all those who live, work, or play in Clackamas County.

For more information

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