About us

We help you conserve!

Stop by our office for assistance with natural resource issues!

Helping citizens conserve the vital natural resources that support and drive our communities and economy is our vision.

Our mission is to provide technical and financial support to conserve and use resources sustainably today and for future generations.

We are your local, non-regulatory government

The District is a unit of local government with an elected board of directors. We provide service to landowners, organizations, agencies and local communities within Clackamas County. These services include:

  • Technical assistance to individual landowners
  • Conservation projects involving multiple landowners and partners
  • Financial assistance may be available

(Click here to learn more history of soil and water conservation districts!)

Organization goals

We strive to maximize community, environmental and economic benefits simultaneously through our projects and programs.

  • We reduce, reuse, recycle and restore our natural resources
  • We are accountable to our voters, taxpayers and residents
  • Our technical assistance to landowners is science-based
  • We form strategic partnerships with others to accomplish our work
  • We measure the impacts of our work
  • We leverage District resources through outside funding
  • We work as members of a flexible and responsive team
  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We support continuous learning and professional development

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