POP Club Featured in October Conservation Actions Report

This month we present a brief update of the work we’ve completed so far this year.


We present updates on our Milk Creek project, and on the 3D (Doane, Dolan, and North Fork Deep Creek) project. Both are progressing well.


We worked on rainwater needs for an orchard, a farm, a school, and a home.

Spiny cocklebur

Invasive species

Our WeedWise program continued to be very active, responding to multiple requests for help. Plus, staff identified an invasive weed not seen before in Clackamas County. Our mailings to landowners has resulted in more calls for assistance.


We’re considering a project on Corral Creek to remove a fish passage barrier, plus looking at habitat restoration opportunities on some large tracts of forest land.

Working lands

Connecting kids with farmers and health food is what the POP Club does. Find more in this issue of Conservation Actions, or read our recent post about POP Club.

Our Grant Plus Loan program seems to be gaining traction as people realize we can shift the cash flow burden from them to us. We hope GPL will result in more projects to conserve natural resources!

Staff also worked with several horse facilities this month.

Our equipment rental program was suspended until we can find a new vendor to assist in making our unique equipment available to the public.


We corrected some errors in our accounts, received a clean audit, and adopted a supplemental budget. Why the supplemental? So we could make an offer on real estate!

And there is plenty more. Download and read it today!

I-Conservation Actions report, October 2012
I-Conservation Actions report, October 2012
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