District Awards Support Funds to Watershed Councils


We have a fairly unique situation in the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District: we have all or part of ten watershed councils within our boundary!

The District is more successful because we partner with other organizations, including watershed councils. One way we partner with watershed councils is by assisting them in conservation work. We also regularly meet as a group to learn how we might work better together to benefit natural resources.

Goals in common

Watershed councils share with us common goals: improving water quality and enhancing watershed health. They monitor the health of watersheds, educate people about stewardship, and carry out on-the-ground restoration projects.

Council funding

Most councils are largely funded by grants. Administrative costs are usually very difficult to fund through grants, so this is where the District tries to help these great partners.


On November 20th, the District awarded Partner Assistance grants totaling $67,500 to several watershed councils.

  • $18,000: Clackamas River Basin Council
  • $4,000: Greater Oregon City Watershed Council
  • $10,000: Johnson Creek Watershed Council
  • $10,000: Molalla River Watch
  • $7,500: North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council
  • $10,000: Sandy River Basin Watershed Council
  • $5,000: Tryon Creek Watershed Council
  • $3,000: Tualatin River Watershed Council

Each of our grant recipients has demonstrated their ability to implement conservation practices that help conserve our precious natural resources. The District is pleased to partner with these organizations through participating in joint projects and by providing funding to support the councils and their work.

When these partners are successful, we are also more successful!

You can find links to most of these councils on our Partners page.


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