GeneralOverview of the CSWCD2Short ad/ PR overview of what we do, good for general info.
AgricultureBlueberry Care36Weeds, watering, pruning to care for blueberries
AgricultureSmall Farm School17CCC and OSU Ext. present overview of some small farm practices such as tractor skills, animal husbandry, orchard, tool sharpening, etc.
ErosionErosion Control on Xmas Trees I13Strumm Berry Farms, precision no till planting, erosion weed control, rock access roads for dust and mud control. Bees and pollinators.
ErosionErosion Control on Xmas Trees II14Noble Mountain, erosion control on steep slopes using straw mulch
ErosionHealthy Soils29Cory Owens, NRCS, on Soil health, infiltration testing, cover crops, sedimentation.
ForestHealthy Forests & being Firewise28Forest Management, OSU Ext. Hopkins Demo Forest, healthy forests, thinning results, fuels reduction, planning for residence fire protection
GardeningMaster Gardener 10 Minute University- Fall and winter gardens20Location (sunny areas), avoid freezing microclimate areas, assessibility (close in). Protection for plants, row cover, plastic mulch, soil warming, cloches, plastic tunnels, cold frames, raised beds, soil testing spring/fall, compaction, starts
GardeningMaster Gardener 10 Minute University- Growing Edibles in Containers30Container materials, drainage, soils, fertilizer, watering, slugs, containing herbs,
IrrigationIrrigation, part 145Residential landscape irrigation to agricultural production, system uniformity, distribution, scheduling
IrrigationIrrigation 2.045Residential landscape irrigation (Ewing) to agricultural production, blueberry drip system overview with Stettler Supply.
PastureGood Dirt & Clean Water 14History, dust bowl, Clackamas SWCD, livestock, cattle and fish, off channel watering project, roof water catchment livestock water, ivy control, equine mud management, manure composting (Big Oak Stables).
PasturePasture Management27With Gene Pirelli. Heavy Use Areas. Rain Harvest for livestock and garden water. Manure shed composting, good overview of pasture management, rotations, timing, stubble heights
PastureRural Fences28Tips for constructing good fences. Examples of different fence types and applications.
PastureHealthy Horses28Overgrazed pastures, parasites, gutters, HUAs, thrush, fly control, manure management, pigeon fever, exclusion from ponds and waterways, west Nile virus, pasture management to avoid founder, etc.
PastureHealthy Horses9Mud and stormwater management in horse facilities, riparian and pasture management, horse health issues with veterinarian, mud, mud fever, white line disease.
Rainwater harvestingRainwater Harvesting24Garden rain harvest system with a large tank, also covers rain barrels
Rainwater harvestingRainwater Harvest25Rain water harvest for potable use, lots of filtration information.
RecyclingHousehold Chemical Storage and Disposal2(Very short) tailgate talk BMPs for home and garden chemicals storage and disposal options
RecyclingInside Clackamas Co, sustainability21Recycling and building green with Commissioner Jim Bernard, recycled metal art, building with reused materials,
RiparianMilk Creek Project Construction- 3 Weeks in 3 days3Bank reconstruction project, time lapse
RiparianCurrin Creek Restoration5Brush staking, bank shaping, restoration planting on a small stream
RiparianWet & Wild Rivers25Janine Castro on fluvial geomorphology examples on the lower Molalla River.
RiparianWatershed Councils29Riparian Planting & restoration projects, large wood, channel reconnections.
StormwaterWaterlogged – Unwanted water20Stormwater detention, bioengineering to slow erosion and flooding, reducing urban storm runoff, LIDs, urban complex soils, impervious surfaces, rural drainage.
UrbanUrban Wildlife Habitat Design21Native and non native vegetation discussion, 3 dimensional structure, leaving messy areas, providing food, water and shelter in appropriate places. Avoiding wildlife conflicts. Care around urban Oak trees.
UrbanUrban Agriculture10CCC on teaching gardening and farming to urbanites, emphasis on the next generation of farming of more small scale diversified farming rather than huge monocultures. Potential for converting to food crops in CC to market in Metro area.
UrbanUrban & Rural Reserves: News conf. of Ag and Natural Resources groups9Diverse stakeholders from farming advocacy groups and conservation groups speak on land use planning for future economic growth as well as areas to be reserved for continued agricultural and natural resources use. METRO in the tri county area.
UrbanFarm Fresh27CSAs, U picks, ready picks, farmers markets, local economy, fresh goods
UrbanLawncare BMPs for homeowners2(Very Short) Natural and chemical moss and weed control tips
UrbanLeveraging the landscape to manage water4LID stormwater planning basics- greenroofs, porous pavers, bioretention, rain gardens produced by Landscape Architects
Watershed educationWatershed Ed 201322Clackamas area Teacher workshop - Water Related Education, macros, water testing, watersheds, hands on activities, fish hatchery tour
Watershed educationSalmon Toss7Clackamas HS students, nutrient cycling, ethnobotany, healthy streams and riparian areas
Watershed educationClean Water26USFS, forest wildlife habitat, CRBC River cleanups and riparian restoration
WeedsStomping Weeds29Weedwise: Terrible 10 invasive plants.
WeedsWeed Control: Pastures & openland21Weed wrench, chain saw and loppers on scotch broom, cinnabar on tansy ragwort, discing, rotational grazing, fencing and grazing regrowth, chemical treatment, knotweed control, pesticide application and safety.
WildlifeRural Wildlife Habitat Design13Conifer forest, riparian & oak habitats with ODFW, cutoff at end

Clackamas SWCD