Celebrate National Farmers Market Week: August 7 – 13, 2022

Join us in celebrating National Farmers Market Week!

We’re celebrating National Farmers Market Week! This annual celebration highlights the important role that farmers markets play across our nation and here in Clackamas County.

Why Should I Celebrate Farmers Markets?

The Farmers Market Coalition shares these observations. The highlighted links provide some supporting documentation.

  • Farmers markets don’t just happen. Farmers markets are abundant sources of food, connection and resilience in our communities across the country, but they don’t just happen on their own. Behind the scenes of every successful farmers market is a dedicated person or team working to make the market thrive. These farmers market operators are experts who need community and financial support to run their markets and resources specifically designed for their needs
  • Farmers Markets serve as community hubs.  Farmers markets foster direct relationships between community members and farmers which can work to create a more fair and sustainable food system. Farmers markets are a hub for connection and collective action around shared values.
  • The culture of farmers markets is changing. The demographic of farmers markets has not always reflected their local communities and some markets have not always created a space where everyone can feel welcome. Together, there are farmers market operators and community organizers paving the way to improve equity in the farmers market space. We fundamentally believe that farmers markets are for everyone and seek to support efforts to make farmers markets safe, inviting and accessible for all.
Flowers, eggs, and garlic at the Wilsonville Farmers Market.

Just some of the great agricultural products you can find at the Wilsonville Farmers Market.

Where Can I Find Farmers Markets in Clackamas County?

National Farmers Market week is an ideal time to visit your local market! Markets can be found Wednesday through Sunday at different locations throughout our District service area. Make a visit to your local market – you’ll be glad you did!

Produce from the Lake Oswego Farmers Market.

Why Does the District Support Farmers Markets?

Farmers markets provide valuable points of sale for local agricultural producers, increasing their economic success. Financially successful farmers have an increased ability to conserve water and soil resources and to maintain healthy habitat. Success also helps them keep their land in agricultural production now and into the future. That’s good for the farm, native wildlife, water quality, and you!

Additionally, farmers markets are well-positioned to provide food, farm, and natural resource education to adults and children. Learning about the value of nutritious, fresh, and healthy whole foods is good for public health, our agricultural producers, and our environment.

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