Supplemental Budget to be Considered on September 18

On September 18, 2018, the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District will hold a public hearing to receive public comments about a proposed supplemental budget. The supplemental budget adds revenue and expenses to support two significant long-term investments: the purchase of a 319-acre forest property, and the construction of a consolidated office, workshop, and meeting facility.

The key budget sheets to review in the proposed supplemental budget are pages 12 (Working Lands Legacy Fund) and 13 (Building Reserve Fund).

We expect that the Clackamas SWCD Board of Directors will act on the supplemental budget proposal during their regular meeting that follows the public hearing.

Acquisition of Eagle Creek Forest

In the Working Lands Legacy Fund, the Clackamas SWCD anticipates receiving up to $700,000 in grant funds and borrowing up to $1.3 million. Of the $700,000 in grant funds, $600,000 is an anticipated grant to help acquire a 319-acre forest property near Estacada, Oregon, and $100,000 is granted to Clackamas SWCD for monitoring a permanent conservation easement on a forest property near Molalla, Oregon.

The primary purposes for Eagle Creek Forest acquisition include: protect and improve fish and wildlife habitat; expand recreational and educational opportunities for the community; and provide a long-term source of revenue for the Clackamas SWCD.

The Clackamas SWCD may receive a federal grant to help acquire this property. The proposed supplemental budget includes the grant proceeds. The proposed supplemental budget also includes a loan for the full property acquisition cost. Structuring the proposal this way will allow the Clackamas SWCD to proceed with the acquisition in the event that the grant is not awarded. If the grant is awarded, a smaller loan will be obtained.

Construction of Conservation Resource Center

The Clackamas SWCD anticipates receiving a loan of up to $5.5 million to support the construction of the Conservation Resource Center (see here and here for more information about this project).

Some of the reasons that the Clackamas SWCD seeks to build an office and meeting facility in Beavercreek, Oregon include:

  • Efficiency and cost
    • Consolidating services in one location
    • Demonstrate conservation practices at our office location
    • Long-term cost reduction and stability
  • Safety and convenience
    • Parking sufficient for our farm and forestry customers
    • Security of people and property
  • Improved workshops and educational events
    • Facilities adequate to conduct workshops and large meetings at our office location
  • Preservation
    • Retain existing open space by building on the already developed footprint
    • Retain the rural character of the site
    • Preserve the integrity and usefulness of the historic barn

Hearing is open to the public

The public hearing on September 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm is open to the public. The hearing will be held in the Clackamas SWCD conference room at 221 Molalla Avenue, Suite 102, Oregon City, Oregon.

We welcome your comments. Public comments at the hearing are limited to three minutes each but you may submit written comments of any length. You may also email your comments to the Clackamas SWCD’s management team until September 18 at 4:00 pm:


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