Request for Qualifications: Septic System Repair Services

Partially buried septic tank in backyard.

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The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (the District) is pleased to publish a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Residential Septic System Repair Services. The District is requesting applications from DEQ licensed septic contractors, new or who were previously listed, who are qualified to perform work associated with residential septic system repairs and/or replacement of such systems.

The District intends to develop a referral list (List of Pre-qualified Contractors) to give to homeowners who are participating in the District’s Residential Septic System Repair Grant and Loan Programs.

Apart from pre-qualifying installers, the District’s sole role in the program is to provide funding. The property owner will select an installer from the List of Pre-qualified Contractors, and the District will disburse funds for the installer’s work. The District shall have no contractual relationship with any pre-qualified installer, nor shall the District manage, supervise, or approve any work performed by any installer.

All work performed must be permitted and approved by the Clackamas County Septic and Onsite Wastewater Program office and receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion. Payment to any single installer shall be subject to program limits. Inclusion on the List is not a guarantee that the installer will be chosen by homeowners to perform work, nor is it intended to guarantee an installer’s performance.

All applications must be received by 4:00 pm on May 31, 2024

The District will review applications against several criteria, including the installer’s current DEQ licenses, experience, references, and capacity to perform repairs and serve the target area. Each applicant will be notified as to whether they have qualified to be included on the List of Pre-qualified Contractors.

The List will remain in effect until June 30, 2027, or upon the contractor’s license expiration or if their business is dissolved. Individual contractors may be removed from the List at the sole discretion of the District. All applications become the property of the District for use in administering the program.

Questions and Requests for clarification must be received by 12:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20, 2024.

PROPOSED SCOPE OF WORK: Septic System Repair Services

Services covered by the Grant and Loan Programs include but are not limited to the following:

 Grant ProgramLoan Program
Evaluation of Existing Septic System N N
Repairing or replacing systems requiring a Minor Repair or Major Repair OAR Y Y
Site Evaluation - including application and permitting fees and digging test pits Y N
Repair Permit Application and Fees Y Y
Construction of Repair Septic System - including materials and labor, as well as associated plumbing and electrical connection permits Y Y
Decommissioning of wells withing the repair area N N
Upgrades to electrical or plumbing beyond components directly related to the required repair or replacement N N
Decommissioning of old septic system Y Y
Replacement of hardscaping and landscaping. Replacement of concrete or graveling beyond directly impacted area. N N

Please see the RFQ (below) for additional information. The application to apply is also posted below as a downloadable form or may be completed online here.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Heather Nielsen, Conservation Investments Coordinator
RFQ 2024-RSSRS-01
Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District
22055 S. Beavercreek Rd., Suite 1
Beavercreek, OR 97004
Phone: 503-210-6005
Email: [email protected]

Online Application Form

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