Our Conservation Actions for January

Welcome to our new Conservation Actions report. You can download it from the link below.

This month, we introduce our “Conservation W’s” and identify our three service goals for 2012: hear our customers, deliver amazing service, and get the most important work done.

We report on rainwater harvesting efforts and on a new rain garden operations manual our staff created. Local Advisory Committees will be meeting in the coming months.

View a few photos of high water at our Milk Creek Project site. Similarly, view excess runoff from a softball field that is headed right for the backyard of a neighboring homeowner.

Whether we really had to or not, the safest course was to proceed with registering under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit system. We’re almost done with our NPDES Pesticide Discharge Management Plan. The plans and reports required from us under the permit also help assure we’ll protect other resources when we treat weeds.

We introduce Woodcock Creek work to you this month, with the expectation it will continue to evolve into some project sites in the coming months.

We excerpt feedback from farmers markets who received support grants from us. It’s always nice to hear how people appreciate being helped!

Download and read our January report today!

A-Conservation Actions report, January 2012
A-Conservation Actions report, January 2012
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