Get Our New Conservation Actions Report For April

April was a busy month! In the Projects section of our monthly Conservation Actions report, learn about pesticides in water. We also present an update on the Milk Creek streambank and instream work, and describe the Newell Creek Canyon Project.

Would you have a trash hauler pick up your horse manure? One boarding facility is doing exactly that, and it costs a lot of money. We’re working with them on alternatives that will save money and protect water quality.

Warm, sunny weather makes our phones ring! When the weather improves people get outside and see…weeds. In our case, April showers may bring us weeds. Staff are engaged in a major push to control spurge laurel and garlic mustard.

A new program called “DIY: Healthy Yards, Healthy Streams” seems to be gaining acceptance in one streamside neighborhood. Stay tuned for more as this offering evolves.

It’s rare for us to use “dam” and “fish” in the same sentence, but in April we took a look at two small dams on private property that are impacting salmon and cutthroat trout.

April marked the launch of a financial assistance tool that has been long in the making. We are delighted to provide a grant-and-loan combination to a dairy so they can purchase a piece of equipment that will help them grow better grass and protect water quality. The best news? We’ll get some of that money back to be used for future loans.

We cover many more activities and topics in the April “Conservation Actions” report. Download it today!

D-Conservation Actions report, April 2012
D-Conservation Actions report, April 2012
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