Conservation District Plant Sales Are Coming!

Several local soil and water conservation districts will be selling bare root native plants in the next few months.

Conservation districts sell native plants to promote the stewardship and conservation of our natural resources. Plants are generally sold as “conservation grade,” which means they are cheaper and may not be as well formed or pretty as the nursery plants you may be used to seeing. However, many native plants work well as ornamentals and foundation plants in the home landscape!

Planting native flowers, trees and shrubs provides many benefits to your property and the natural environment, including:

  • better water quality
  • enhanced fish and wildlife habitat
  • reduced wind and soil erosion
  • cleaner air
  • reduction of energy costs
  • beautification of your property

Take advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your local landscape at low cost. More information about conservation district plant sales will available soon at the these links:


Clackamas SWCD