Board of Director Positions Open for Election

The Clackamas SWCD Board of Directors has representatives from 5 zones and 2 at-large positions.

The Clackamas SWCD Board of Directors has representatives from 5 zones and 2 at-large positions.

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) will have three Board of Director positions open for election this fall. The positions open include:

Zone 2 representing Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Clackamas County urban/rural interface
Zone 3 representing Canby and the surrounding area
At-Large 1 representing the entire county

View a map of director zones and learn about our current board of directors.

Board of Director Election Requirements and Eligibility

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the process for gathering signatures on the Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet has changed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding SWCD Elections during Oregon’s 2020 COVID-19 State of Emergency

  1. How do I gather original signatures for the “Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet” with social distancing guidelines in place?
    • Although original signatures are required on the signature sheet, the signatures can be spread across multiple sheets. You can email or mail individual signature sheets to valid registered voters and have those sheets physically mailed back to you.
    • ODA recommends that you secure 12-15 signatures in case any of the signatures cannot be validated. You will need 10 valid signatures.
  2.  How do I get my “Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet” validated by the county clerk’s office if the office is closed to the public?
    • Each county elections office is developing individual protocols for verification. Please contact your county elections office for details. Contact information for the county election offices in Oregon is on the reverse of this FAQ sheet.
  3.  I was not able to gather enough signatures or get the signatures verified before the August 25th deadline. What do I do now?
    • You may declare to be a write-in candidate by mailing or emailing the “Declaration of intent and request for write-in votes to be tallied” form to ODA between August 26th and October 20th. The form does not require any signatures other than your own.

According to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 568.560(3) Director Requirements and Eligibility, there are two types of director positions available on local SWCD boards; zone and at -large positions. Check with the Clackamas SWCD office to determine if you are eligible for an at -large position or a zone position. ODA will review the information provided on the Declaration of Candidacy form to ensure the candidate qualifies for the position.

A. At-large director requirements:

  • Must reside within the boundaries of the conservation district; and
  • Be a registered voter.
    There are no land ownership or management requirements for at-large positions.

B. Zone director requirements: two options are available to an individual.

Option #1:

  • Own or manage 10 or more acres of land in the district by:

a) Reside within the zone that is represented, and own or manage 10 or more acres in the
conservation district boundaries; or
b) Reside within the conservation district boundaries, and own or manage 10 or more acres within the zone that is being represented.

  • Be involved in the active management of the property.
  • Reside within the boundaries of the district.
  • Be a registered voter.


Option #2:

  • Reside within the zone that is represented.
  • Have served at least one year as a director or associate director of a district.
  • Have a conservation plan approved by the district.
  • Be a registered voter.

Note to candidates: Submitting election materials in person requires an appointment

In accordance with Executive Order No. 20-12, and in an effort to protect employees and the public, ODA has changed the way it provides services at their offices.

Offices will remain open, but locked, and in-person interactions between staff and the public will be by appointment only. To drop off SWCD director election materials, schedule an appointment with Sandi Hiatt, SWCD Grants Administrator, at (503) 986-4704 or by email​. Please note, 72 hours notice will be needed to accommodate the request.

Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet and Additional Information

To learn more about the Soil and Water Conservation District election process and to download all required forms, please go to the Oregon Department of Agriculture website.


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