Zone 3 Director Position Filled

Jeff Becker

Newly appointed Zone 3 Director, Jeff Becker

Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District is happy to announce the appointment of Jeff Becker to serve as Zone 3 director representing Canby and the surrounding area. Becker has worked closely with the District since spring 2012 when he was appointed to serve on the District budget committee, and in January 2013, he was appointed Associate Board Member.

Becker is a local farmer in Carus and a property manager of the President’s residence at Lewis & Clark College. A graduate of University of Oregon with a degree in business, as well as an accomplished guitarist and song-writer, Becker has long been interested in local food security. He is currently the Board President of the year-round Oregon City Farmers Market, and views himself as a life-long land steward. “When you get down to the basics, I’m a farmer,” says Becker. “I deal with water and stream issues daily, at work and at home, and I’m always striving to improve soil quality.” He is dedicated to utilizing 100% organic processes and seeks to improve rather than deplete the land for which he is responsible.

Becker has been impressed with the wealth of resources the District manages and has been surprised at the large number of projects undertaken by the District in the short time he has been involved. “Like any organization, there’s a gap between what we do and what the public thinks we might do. More and more people need to know about the services the District offers. This is an organization that gets things done!”

Becker observes that this is an exciting time to join the Board. “There are lots of growth issues in the District – buildings, programs, conservation easements. People are open to conservation ideas like never before. We have an opportunity to create a long-lasting legacy for Clackamas County, and when you get right down to it, good soil and water is where it starts.”

The CCSWCD Board of Directors welcomes Jeff Becker!

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