District Will Expand Educational Focus On Two Properties

See. Touch. Do. These are key steps in helping people learn about how and why conservation benefits people and places. The Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District is acquiring two properties to help us deliver conservation education by example.

In Oregon City, the District has purchased a one-acre parcel that is readily visible from Molalla Avenue. We will be surveying the property lines in June, and then we’ll demolish old structures and recycle everything we can. We treated invasive blackberry vines last year, and we’ll follow up with more management of invasive species this year.

In Beavercreek, we are purchasing a 15-acre farm. This historic property is easily accessed, highly visible, and hosts a range of natural resource opportunities. The open space it presents is valued in the community and we plan to keep much of it a working farm.

Our two properties will help people understand how conserving natural resources can work on their home place. Seeing a conservation plan on paper does not reach people the same way as seeing those practices written on the land. Providing hands-on learning opportunities is part of our strategy to help people conserve our precious soil, water, and wildlife in a familiar setting: at home, and on the farm.

Our timeline is slow and methodical. We’ve completed these property purchases openly and transparently over the course of a year. We know it takes time to do this right, so we’ve renewed our office lease for another five years while we work with thoughtful intention to improve these two properties to become primary teaching tools.

We’ll be writing our conservation actions on the land for several years, and we look forward to hearing your ideas. For more information, please contact the District Manager.

Clackamas SWCD