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Improving Riparian Habitats One Landowner at a Time

Our partners at Molalla River Watch recently published their Summer 2016 Newsletter. This article below, written by Asako Yamamuro, Molalla River Watch Restoration Project Coordinator, captures the spirit of collaboration the District enjoys with our watershed partners. Their valuable on-the-ground work and hard-working volunteers enable the District to more effectively distribute resources throughout our community. Many thanks to Asako and Molalla River Watch for their permission to share this article.

Improving Riparian Habitats One Landowner at a Time

Wilderness International at BuellsWhen landowners ask for assistance, Molalla River Watch helps them out. The Buells, who live where the Molalla River and Cedar Creek meet, felt overwhelmed by their ivy problem. They approached Molalla River Watch for advice.

Through our partnerships with Clackamas Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, we brought in riparian and fish conservation experts to the Buells’ property. The experts assessed the extent of invasive weed infestation and determined the importance of their property to trout and salmon habitat. The riparian and fish experts discussed options to improve the Buells’ property for wildlife.

Buells before and afterWith the Buells’ goals in mind and a Conservation Plan written by Clackamas SWCD and tailored for their property, Molalla River Watch submitted a grant to Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to fund invasive weed removal and planting natives.

Molalla River Watch was awarded the grant and we have started implementing the Conservation Plan by collaborating with the Buells, volunteers, and Wilderness International, which runs at-risk youth work crews. We oversee the work and Clackamas SWCD specialists will assess progress towards accomplishing Conservation Plan goals. The Buells are glad they asked Molalla River Watch for advice and now significantly more wildlife will benefit.

Molalla River Cleanup and Celebration

It is time for a celebration!

Molalla River Watch — the folks who are the watershed council for the Molalla River — adopted 12 miles of the Molalla River in 1992 through the SOLVE Adopt-A-River program. Since then they have coordinated two river cleanups annually. That is 20 years of dedication toward a healthy Molalla River!

Molalla River Watch Executive Director Kay Patteson asks, “Come help us celebrate 20 years of volunteer efforts, meet new people and feel good about doing your part to keep the Molalla River clean and beautiful!”

The Molalla River is a beautiful place to visit this time of year. Unfortunately, some people still use it as a garbage dump. But with your help, trash won’t pile up! Molalla River Watch will assemble volunteers at 9 a.m., Saturday, October 13, at Feyrer Park for the annual fall cleanup. There will be a volunteer appreciation Bar-B-Q and 20th year celebration back at Feyrer Park in the afternoon.

For those not wanting to get in the water there will be an opportunity to improve trails in the Molalla Recreation Corridor non-motorized trail system.

Molalla River Watch, Inc. and The Bureau of Land Management sponsor the local cleanup and enhancement event. Clackamas County, SOLV, Molalla Communications Co., Johnson Controls, and the Molalla High School Green Team provide generous event support.

Target areas include The Molalla River Corridor above Glen Avon Bridge and other public access sites near Molalla. Volunteers should dress appropriately for our ever-changing weather, wear sturdy boots and bring gloves. If you forget or don’t have gloves, some will be available. Trash bags and tools will be provided.

Participants may earn community service credit for this event.

For more information or to pre-register your group, call Kay Patteson at 503-824-2195, send e-mail to riverwatch@molalla.net, or visit www.molallariverwatch.org

A Fishy Head Count

Ever wonder how many and what kind of fish are in your stream? Well, this summer the fish in tributaries to the Molalla River will swish their little tailfins and be counted!

Molalla River Watch has arranged for an inventory of the juvenile salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout in Gribble, Dove and Creamery Creek; Milk Creek from the Molalla confluence to the Elwood area; and the Milk Creek tributaries of Buckner, Cedar, Little Cedar, Woodcock, Hancock, Nate, Canyon, Jackson, Mill, Bee, and Bittner creeks. The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) will provide funding for the survey.

A biologist in a blue dry suit and snorkel gear will be wading up the streams to count juvenile fish in every fifth pool. The information gained from this survey will help prioritize projects on the streams for fish habitat improvement. Possible projects would include improving culverts for fish passage, planting streamside trees for shade/habitat and fencing to keep livestock out of the stream.

How can you help? If you live along one of these streams, contact Molalla River Watch to give the surveyor permission for access. If you have any questions, want to learn more about the survey or wish to deny access for this inventory, please contact Kay from Molalla River Watch at 503-824-2195 or send her a message at riverwatch@molalla.net.