Raptors and Beneficial Insects – Alternative Pest Control

Image of a hawk flying over a farm field.

Learn how raptors and beneficial insects can control pests on your agricultural property.

There are many benefits to adding cover crop to your farm, tree, or orchard management plan. However, vegetative cover practices can lead to increased pest pressure from mice, voles, gophers, etc. Our new workshop, Raptors and Beneficial Insects – Alternative Pest Control, is designed to address this issue.

Whether you are using cover crops or just considering them, this workshop will show you how to attract raptors to your farm as a means of low-impact pest control. The workshop will also discuss how to create habitat for beneficial insects. Beneficial insects can help keep crop pests under control and reduce pesticide costs. 

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This is an in-person workshop. We will be in the field so please dress for the weather and be prepared to walk over uneven ground.

There is limited capacity for this workshop. Register early to hold your place!

About Our Presenter, Tim Pitz

Tim Pitz has worked with many orchards in Oregon and Washington. He has successful experience with using raptors as a control for mice, voles, and other rodents that damage agricultural crops. Additionally, Tim has experience implementing beneficial insect habitats in agricultural operations to control insect pests and reduce the use of pesticides

Workshop is Offered at No Cost, But Registration is Required.

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This workshop series is made possible through a partnership with Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District and East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.


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