Have You Heard of Riparian Zones? A Video!

Riparian zones are the "river bank" and adjacent land along rivers, creeks, and streams.

Riparian zones are the river bank and adjacent land along rivers, creeks, and streams.

People who have stream side properties face different challenges than the typical landowner. The same goes for people who live along creeks and rivers. While these properties offer many attractive benefits, they also require care to maintain their structure, safety, and purpose.

This short video created by the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District. introduces our 4-part Riparian Restoration video series. This introductory video explains some of the important functions of riparian zones for wildlife, property owners, and users of our beautiful streams and rivers.

Watch the Introductory Video Below!

We Can Help With Your Riparian Zone

If you have a property with a riparian zone, we can help! Our technical staff have information and resources to help you manage your unique property. Protect your investment and all of the benefits a riparian zone brings to your community and all of the folks downstream. Give us a call today at 503-210-6000.

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