Equipment Rental Program Adds New No-Till Drill

A new no-till drill has been added to the District's Equipment Rental Program.

A new no-till drill has been added to the District’s Equipment Rental Program.

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District has added a new no-till drill to it’s collection of farm implements available to local agricultural producers through the Equipment Rental Program.

The District had two no-till drills that were in constant demand. This new drill will help meet the needs of local farmers and pasture managers.

The Land Pride 706NT End Wheel No-Till Drill

This drill is ideal for seeding in a wide variety of applications from pasture renovation to conservation cover to food production. It is a great combination between the productivity of a large drill and the versatility of a compact one.

This End Wheel Drill model features large end wheels designed for unmatched ground gauging in rugged terrain. In addition, the in-line end wheels minimize side loading on contours and hills, dramatically extending the life of the no-till openers.

Two independent seed boxes have you covered whether the seed is small, large, or fragile. The time-proven metering system will deliver the rate you choose, evenly and gently.

The drill’s other features include:

  • 4-speed gearbox(es) makes changing seed rates quick and effortless
  • mechanical clutch for end-row turns
  • a calibration crank
  • rain-tight lids for maximum seed protection
  • adjustable hitch height – six-positions adjusts to your tractor’s hitch height to keep the drill level in planting position
  • high transport clearance – high clearance and end wheel design, the 706NT can virtually go anywhere your tractor can pull it without gouging or bottoming out
  • 7-foot seed path with a 10-foot travel path

Pulling the 706NT no-till drill requires a minimum of 55 HP.

Why Try No-Till Farming?

Why try no-till farming? To save your soil! Erosion is significantly reduced using a no-till implement. You will also save time and fuel. Over time you will see improvements in nutrient cycling, soil moisture, and resiliency in the face of drought.

What you won’t see by looking at your field is that no-till farming allows you to grow crops with minimal disturbance to your fields and the soil organisms that call them home. This builds healthier soil while reducing money spent on fuel and labor. We call that a win-win!C

Clackamas SWCD Equipment Rental Program

Our new no-till drill isn’t the only piece of equipment we have up at our Conservation Resource Center in Beavercreek, OR. Check out our Equipment Rental Program for other items that are also available to our local agricultural producers. We have a complete list of equipment, their specifications, and rental rates. Landowners outside of Clackamas County are also eligible to rent equipment for a slightly higher rate.

For additional information about the Equipment Rental Program, please email Gus Liszka at [email protected] or contact her by phone at 503-210-6030 or 503-998-4508.

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