Focus on Staff: Nathan Tucker, Fiscal Administrator

Fiscal Administrator, Nathan Tucker

Fiscal Administrator, Nathan Tucker

Nathan Tucker is the fiscal administrator for the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District. He is an essential member of the District’s management team, managing all financial and business accounting for the organization. His duties include payroll, debt management, overseeing the District’s annual audit and maintaining the integrity of the District’s grants.

Most importantly, Tucker makes sure that the District follows the many federal and state regulations regarding public money. He lists among his strengths assessing risk and creating and maintaining transparency. “My super power is my ability to tie together disparate parts. I enjoy making unrelated ideas and programs part of a successful working whole,” he says.

Tucker holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from San Francisco State University. He previously worked at the Oregon Health & Sciences University Foundation in Portland.

Before moving to Oregon, Tucker spent 10 years working as the fiscal systems administrator for North Coast Opportunities. There, Tucker oversaw accounting and data management systems and managed a $20 million budget.

Nathan Tucker helping to clear trails at Mendocino National Forest

Keeping Us on Track

Tucker joined District staff in September 2016. He quickly gained an understanding of the District’s finances, as well as its values and programs. He has successfully taken the District through several annual audits. Additionally, he has been evaluating processes and systems in order to streamline and update District operations.

He is proud of how the District is able to benefit both the environment and the people who live within Clackamas County. “I’m working on building models for existing and future loan programs, ” he says, “and I think our septic loan program has had a significant positive impact on our community.”

Tucker also shares that he’s very interested in developing more integration and communication between fiscal administration and project planning. This will better support District planners and their on-the-ground projects. He states, “I want to do what I can to take pressure off of staff to help them be more efficient in their jobs.”

"I was attracted to the District because of the positive impact it has on the community," he says.

Nathan Tucker helps build hedgerows at the Conservation Resource Center in Beavercreek.

Many Roles, One Goal

Supporting the District board and staff means more than financial management for Tucker. He has taken on additional responsibilities wherever he believes he can lend a helping hand. He is an active member of the Budget Committee, Farmers Market Grant Review Committee, and volunteers for interview panels. These include panels that assess new hires or technical consultants.

Tucker is also a member of the District’s Equity Team. He is a Native American member of the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation, based in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. As such, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to the District as it seeks to be a just and equitable partner in the community.


Tucker says he’s always been good at numbers and at “fitting the pieces together.” “I’m an adventurer at heart,” he says. “I love new experiences, whether starting a new business or exploring the outdoors.”

He likes to study people, both to learn what motivates them and how to inspire and help them. “Before I went to college, I worked as a contractor with Pacific Gas and Electric. I helped people navigate a low-income energy assistance program. I also worked with the California Department of Forestry as a firefighter for two years,” he shares. “Almost everything I enjoy involves problem-solving, people skills, anticipating trends and conflicts, and helping people gain access to resources.”

We are happy to have Nathan Tucker on our team!



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