District Honors Conservation Initiatives Manager, Jason Faucera

The District celebrates Jason Faucera with an Outstanding Service Award.

The District celebrates Jason Faucera with an Outstanding Service Award.

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) recognized staff member Jason Faucera at a socially distant staff meeting last week.

Faucera played a major role in the completion of the Conservation Resource Center Annex. The Annex will house the District’s federal partners, the Farm Services Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. These agencies have traditionally shared an office with the SWCD. Together, we provide the agricultural community a one-stop location for technical assistance and federal programs.

Faucera successfully maneuvered the complex federal lease process to bring our federal partners on site. He did this while also negotiating the bidding process for the office build-out. He also oversaw the Annex construction while keeping the District Board of Directors and building committee informed and involved in the process.

Faucera is the District’s Conservation Initiatives Manager and has been with the District since 2009. He accomplished the annex completion while maintaining the District’s IT system. He also manages the National Water Quality Initiative grant project for the Molalla River Watershed, and was heavily involved in the District’s budgeting process. These are just a few of his complex and daily tasks at the District. All of us at the District are very appreciative of his efforts above and beyond his normal duties.

Thank you Jason for a job well done!

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