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Woody Weeds of Clackamas County

People who work with or manage invasive weeds on their property will be happy to check out a recent WeedWise publication entitled, Woody Weeds of Clackamas County.

This comprehensive resource guide is intended for use by local landowners and land managers to help them identify and manage woody weeds and naturalizing plants on their property. While the publication focuses on Clackamas County, others in the Pacific Northwest will also find this to be a useful resource.

Woody weeds are plants that are woody, non-native, and are either invasive or naturalized in a target area. Plants like these are sometimes sold commercially. Their inclusion in this resource guide is not intended as a judgement of their horticultural value, but is provided as a means to help landowners avoid potential problems.

Woody Weeds of Clackamas County covers a wide range of species. Please note: Many of the species covered in this guide may be known to naturalize, but are not considered invasive or noxious. Many of the species represented are horticulturally important but have been included here to assist with the identification and management of them in natural areas.

Many thanks to former WeedWise Specialist, Jeff Lesh whose hard work and dedication made this publication possible. For additonal information regarding invasive or noxious weeds in Clackamas County, please contact our WeedWise program at 503-210-6000.

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