District Hosts Council of Councils

Council of Councils, January 2018

Council of Councils, January 2018

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District hosted a Council of Councils meeting on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Directors and coordinators representing all ten watershed councils in Clackamas County attended the half-day event.

Representing the District were staff members Tom Salzer, Jason Faucera, and Cathy McQueeney. In addition, the group was joined by District Board Director Jan Lee who was recently appointed to the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB).

Watershed Councils are valuable partners in achieving District conservation goals.

Watershed Councils are valuable partners in achieving District conservation goals.

What is the purpose of the group?

The Council of Councils provides the group with an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues who represent watersheds in all areas of the District. Additionally, participants have the chance to get acquainted with new leaders and discuss creative opportunities to partner together to achieve our shared goals.

What was the outcome?

Attendees were happy to meet Director Lee who has a long history of working with both watershed councils and Districts. While Lee was interested to meet with the group to find out about their concerns. Such information will be useful in her position as an OWEB member.

More about OWEB

OWEB is a state agency whose mission is to help protect and restore healthy watersheds and natural habitats that support thriving communities and strong economies. One of their many functions is to provide grants to Districts, watershed councils, and others installing conservation and restoration practices that take care of local streams, rivers, wetlands, and natural areas.

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