Saving Water for Other Uses

percent of ave precip - National weather serviceIt is official; this was a very wet winter! According the National Weather Service, totals for the “meteorological” winter (December-

January-February) were 25 to 35 inches throughout the Portland metro area and northern Willamette Valley, about 175 percent of average. Much of this precipitation fell as rain, even in the Cascades, although some periods of colder weather and mountain snow have kept the seasonal snowpack near average.

Heat Around the Corner

We expect above average spring and summer temperatures. With the potential for another hot summer, water demand will likely be high. Conservation practices will be important tools to help us use our precious water resource wisely.

Drip irrigation in hazelnut orchard Jeremy Baker

Drip irrigation in hazelnut field Jeremy Baker

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District is working with agricultural producers to reduce water usage. Producers have implemented irrigation-water-management practices and installed efficient irrigation systems.

For example, a Clackamas County berry grower converted from big gun to drip irrigation and realized a total water savings of 304,128 gallons per acre for the season. Additional benefits of these projects include reduced energy use, increased water availability for wildlife, and reduced irrigation-induced erosion. All this with no decrease in production!

We Can Help

If you need technical assistance to improve your irrigation system contact Clackamas SWCD at 503-210-6000 or send us a message.

Special thanks to Andy Bryant, National Weather Service for assisting with this post!

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