Windsocks Help Reduce Pesticide Drift

Since 2000, monitoring conducted by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has detected pesticides in Clackamas River tributaries at concentrations that exceed benchmarks set to protect fish and invertebrates.

Pesticides of Concern

The active ingredient and product names for the pesticides that were found to exceed benchmarks are listed below.

  • simazine: Princep
  • chlorpyrifos: Yuma and Lorsban Advanced
  • bifenthrin: Capture 2EC, Brigade 2EC, Brigade WSB, Wisdom
  • diuron: Karmex, Direx
  • oxyfluorfen: Goal2XL, Goal Tender
  • chlorothalonil: Bravo Weather Stik, Chloronil 720
  • dichlobenil: Casoron

Help for Agricultural Producers

Windsocks available to Clackamas producers

Windsocks available to Clackamas producers

To help agricultural producers apply pesticides without losing chemicals to drift from wind, Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District is offering calibrated windsocks.

Windsocks are attached directly to the tractor for real time information to make quick, more accurate decisions on spraying practices for reducing drift. They are calibrated to indicate wind speed from 2 to 12 miles per hour.

How to Receive a Windsock

If you are a producer in Clackamas County and are interested in receiving a windsock for your sprayer, contact the District at 503-210-6002. We are happy to provide these windsocks. Producers may be asked to participate in an anonymous survey after they have used the windsocks for a number of application events. The District is partnering with the Integrated Plant Protection Center to conduct a study that will help us evaluate whether using the windsock is helping growers make better, more accurate decisions while in the field spraying.

Additional Funding

Additional funding for pesticide reduction projects provided by Clackamas River Water Providers. Thanks to our great partner!

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