District Provides Support for Local Watershed Councils

Win WinAs a local government, the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District works to conserve natural resources throughout Clackamas County. The District has access to state and federal resources to assist in understanding and fixing issues with water, habitat, soil health, and more.

Watershed councils are even more local, often operating as non-profit organizations working within a watershed to improve habitat and water quality. Councils can access some state resources as well as receive grants from non-profit foundations.

By working together, the District and watershed councils can access just about any kind of technical and financial resource needed to get to the root of natural resource issues and resolve them. It’s a very productive partnership that benefits all of us in Clackamas County.

At their November 18, 2014 regular meeting, the Clackamas County SWCD Board of Directors approved $70,000 in grants to help support the work of eight watershed councils in Clackamas County. This amount is about ten percent of the total amount the District has earmarked for implementation of conservation practices and the support of key partners.

The councils that receive these funds from the District use them to:

  • plan and implement new conservation projects
  • seek grants to leverage the funds we provide
  • deliver outreach and education activities to residents
  • help develop new partnerships
  • employ technical staff and build organizational capacity
  • improve the content and function of websites

In short, councils help advance the mission of the District, and we’re delighted to be able to provide support.


Clackamas SWCD