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We all use weather information every day. For instance, do you look outside or view the morning news before you decide what to wear?DCF 1.0

Is your favorite weather website or local TV news consulted before planning your weekend activities or deciding when to mow the lawn?

Many people use weather information to make serious business decisions. Agricultural producers are definitely in this category. Deciding when to plant, harvest, or even irrigate is often governed by the weather forecast or a trend drawn from weather data of past years.

The National Weather Service provides forecasts as well as archived weather data for all users. The biggest problem is figuring out how to access the information that you need to make your decisions. Maybe this article by Andy Bryant from the Portland office of the National Weather Service will help you navigate your search.

Guide for Using ROMAN for Archived Weather Data
Guide for Using ROMAN for Archived Weather Data
Guide to Using ROMAN for archived weather data.pdf
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