Milk Creek Project: We See How It Will Look

More logs, more slash, more boulders, more rock, more soil! Excellent progress was made today on the log jam. The upstream end is just about completed with soil compacted up to grade. Photos from today show various stages of construction and highlight the materials being used. Considering how much rock was used, perhaps the theme today was: rock on!

Besides rock, another theme today relates to the roughness of wood. Roughness adds friction, and that means water will be slowed when it encounters the rough log jam. When water slows, it drops some of the sediment load it is carrying. The other aspect of this particular rough log jam design is our expectation that during very high water events, water that gets behind the log jam will also encounter the rough top surface of the log jam, and thus slow down. We expect the design will help rebuild the bank that was there decades ago!



Clackamas SWCD