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Discover ecoregions

What is an ecoregion? “Ecoregion” is one of those fancy words that can be very confusing. A widely accepted definition of ecoregion is the one used by the World Wildlife Fund: An ecological region, or ecoregion, […]

Cascades ecoregion

The Cascades ecoregion covers parts of Washington, Oregon, and California. Somewhat smaller than the Cascade mountain range for which it is named, the ecoregion extends north to Snoqualmie Pass, near Seattle, and south to Hayden Pass, […]

Willamette Valley ecoregion

The Willamette Valley is an amazing place, with a rich geologic history, great soil, a moderate climate, and abundant water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has designated the Willamette Valley ecoregion as a Level III ecoregion. […]