Conservation District Awards 2016 Partnership Grants

Canby Farmers Market OPENING DAY FLYER (Small)

Some local farmers markets will begin operations as early as April 30, 2016!

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 , the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors unanimously approved partnership support grants totaling $142,075. These grants will be distributed to farmers markets and watershed councils within the District boundaries. Partner organizations like these share similar goals as the Conservation District and are effective at overseeing local projects and achieving positive results in their communities.

Farmers Market Grants

This year, ten farmers markets in Clackamas County will receive $41,600 in support for their 2016 market season. These funds help support our local farmers by expanding their customer base and provide county residents with easy access to fresh, healthy food produced locally. Successful farmers markets mean local farmers can better manage productive soils, making them available for agricultural production now and into the future. Economically viable farms are better able to conserve water and soil resources and maintain healthy habitat. That’s good for the farm, native wildlife, our waterways and drinking water, and you!

Awards to Clackamas County Farmers Markets went to:


This document captures just some of the many great on-the-ground projects undertaken by our local watershed councils. See link below.

Watershed Council Grants

The Conservation District also provides support to all of our local watershed councils. Ten different watershed councils are located either wholly or partially in Clackamas County. Local watershed councils are highly effective in planning, developing, and implementing projects to maintain and restore streamside areas and to improve fish and wildlife habitat. Their education programs inform people about watershed processes and functions and they make a significant positive impact on the local environment, economy, and community.

We are happy to announce that partner support grants totalling $100,475 have been awarded to the following ten watershed councils.

Clackamas River Basin Council
Greater Oregon City Watershed Council
Johnson Creek Watershed Council
Molalla River Watch
North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council
Oswego Lake Watershed Council
Pudding River Watershed Council
Sandy River Basin Watershed Council
Tryon Creek Watershed Council
Tualatin River Watershed Council

Each of our grant recipients has demonstrated their ability to plan and implement conservation activities that help conserve our precious natural resources. The District is pleased to partner with these organizations by participating in joint projects and by providing funding to support the councils and their work.

SPRING 2016 WC & SWCD Partner Newsletter
SPRING 2016 WC & SWCD Partner Newsletter
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